Daily Inspiration
  • Years ago, I carried much sadness, heart ache, and pain, over the struggles of life. I wanted to let all the hurt go. I tried to push it away, to pretend it wasn't there. I shut myself down, closed myself off from the world. I thought that was the only way to let it go. This proved ineffective; I felt disconnected, numb. So instead, I began to hold on. I held on as tight as I could to hope. I held on to music, to a grassy patch next to the lake. I held on to heart shaped rocks I would find on the ground. I held on to my journal, I held on to my blanket, my pillow. I held on to my cat. But mostly, I held on to blind faith. I held on to Love. The pain and sadness began to slip away. Of my heart, fear let go. Hold on, friend. Today, give it all you've got. Not fear; it deserves none of your precious energy. Hold on only to this: Love. With blessings, LOVE, and strength sent to you always, Steff

  • You're not alone in this world. Each of us have personal angels and spirit guides reaching out to us. They seek to help further our growth, answer questions, and guide us on our path. Experience their love and wisdom with Angel's InSight. Welcome home.

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